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Enterprise mission: to serve the public benefits of strong look forward to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, make hundred years Boyu foundation; advocating industry serve the country's ideals, to the sustainable development of enterprises to contribute to the community, to serve the countryHome; to train and bring up the talents has been appointed,

Employees and enterprises to achieve common development; to advocate a new concept of life, to provide customers with satisfactory quality, consumer, enterprise 's growing wealth to benefit the majority of the stakeholders.

Enterprise vision: Based Qilu stand erect hundred

Taking Shandong area as the cause according to the ground, to achieve sound and rapid development of enterprises, explore accumulated successful commercial operation mode, build Kai Ming brand advantage, copy it to other regions and industries, inThe development of our business to all local, can think local economic, social, and cultural development to make the contribution and proud, efforts among top 100 enterprises in Shandong.Core values: integrity innovation

Honesty, honor its promise to the customers; to the colleagues, sincere, loyal to the enterprise; is responsible for the work of others, responsible, responsible to oneself; the pursuit of practical results, refuse to talk about, advocating hard workAll, strictly avoid formalism; global economy, seize the opportunity, take the initiative to change.

Entrepreneurial spirit: the pursuit of excellence unremitting self-improvement

Building self-esteem self-improvement, introspective self-stimulation, tenacious clinging excellent character.

Formation of refused to mediocrity, never satisfied, beyond the self attitude to life.

Development concept: fast and steady stable refinement of fine and strong

In the rapid development of the strengthening basic management, pay attention to the stable and safe, rational to evade the risks; and management of refinement, in their own business in the field of professional, to do fine, enhance coreCompetitiveness, realize enterprise sustained, healthy and harmonious development, become the overmatch in market competition

Talent concept: press Chi is the German heavy can education master

Talent is the first element of enterprise development, we adhere to the cause of inspiring people, the cultural talent

pool, with eight, Chi Na Baichuan; staff is wealth, Boyu to Youde Youcai as selectAbility to use talent standard, to give

full scope to the talents; training and high-quality staff, occupation of Kai Ming mission remains unchanged; the company

for outstanding talent to build their ability to create a broad stage,

Value of the share value, make use of。

Marketing concept: customer first lead the demand of value-added services

The customer is Boyu important assets, to customer requirements as the standard, and continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty; establish the market demand is directed and created idea, than the competitio

he opponent one step earlier discover consumer demand, leading the life of fashion, to create a taste of life; be good at creating the value-added services, intentions will sincerely service in place, and constantly exceed customer expectations, to

Quality concept: attention to detail refine on the pursuit of perfection

The pursuit of the quality of products and services improve detail, through every detail perfect quality significantly

improved embodiment; character, excellent product quality is Kai Ming to consumers a commitment, it isTo own one kind of

strict requirements. In the product and service quality improvement on a world without end; in product and service demand

perfection, the pursuit to always reach the acme of perfection, a standard tall, everywhereThe strict requirements of


Team concept: sincere cooperation and win-win communication and learning.

Speak one's mind freely, broad-minded, sincere exchanges, create a family atmosphere of the affinity; focus on problem

solving, establishment of accessibility, no level of communication; the learning ability is the triumphant inscription

vitality of root, building: " work study, study job is changed " outstanding team, to learn in order to practise, obtain

the competition winning inherent strengths; each other, learn from each other, unite in a concerted effort, a total of

Soka GakkaiValue, harmony and win-win.

Organization theory: a regulated professional and efficient decision science

Consider the situation, normative program, the scientific thinking; decision to the scientific rational and intuitive

awareness combination, combination of democracy and authority of management; management norms, control order,

strengthening the system of rightsGranville, reduced by behavior; realize the staff of occupation, professional, expert,

through the optimization process to improve efficiency.